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EMILYSTONE_BOXEDSETHuge ACTION THRILLER deal this week with vigilante detective Emily Stone! Reader Appreciation Month. You can buy the BOXED SET with Award-winning COMPULSION, DEAD GAME, and DARK MIND plus many cool EXTRAS for only 99cents!

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Serial Killers: Not Just an American Problem

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Not just in America – but across the world – people have been plagued throughout recent history by the wicked actions of serial killers. Unnervingly, these living monsters – and their menacing eyes, disturbing thoughts and horrific acts – prey upon the innocent across the globe.

Although often glorified in the media, make no mistake about it – serial killers are of one society’s darkest creations. Here are three of arguably the most depraved serial killers who have hunted outside of America’s borders.

 Pedro Rodrigues Filho (Brazil)


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In 2003, the Brazilian courts convicted Filho for his maniacal killing spree, which spanned from 1967 to 1973. Filho is credited with 71 confirmed kills, but many suspect that this number is well over 100. Fliho’s homicidal actions began at the ripe old age of 14 with the murder of a local town official. By 18, Filho had already brutally murdered 10 people.

It has been determined that Filho was born with a brain injury – the result of a prenatal domestic violence incident. Afflicted with a pre-disposition for violence, Filho took revenge on his father, the violent man responsible for Filho’s harsh entry into this world. Filho killed his father. Cut out his heart. And ate it.

Karl Denke (Germany)

Denke was a good-hearted local merchant who gave to charity, and sold belts, suspenders, and pickled pork. He was also a murderous cannibal who killed and dismembered over 40 people in the town of Muensterberg during the 1920s.

So well-liked by his neighbors, the foul odors emitting from his home went ignored for many years. That’s until the fateful night when a passer-by heard screaming coming from Denke’s home. After the police discovered a man (still alive) covered in blood, Denke was quickly arrested – even though he claimed self-defense.

Arrested for assault, Denke hung himself in jail. Afterward, the police searched his home and found the material used for his belts, suspenders and pickled pork, i.e. human skin and tubs of pickled human flesh.

Yang Xinhai (China)

Regarded as on one of the most prolific serial killers in China’s history, Xinhai was arrested in November 2003. And executed three months later.

From 1999 to 2003, Xinhai killed over 65 people in central China. Calculating and obsessive, he would enter his victims’ homes in the middle of the night, and kill every living soul inside – children and adults alike. In order to carry out his twisted plot, Xinhai would use all types of murder weapons, including meat cleavers, axes, hammers and shovels.

Xinhai claims that the motive for his murder spree all stems from being dumped by his girlfriend, after she discovered he had a prior prison sentence for rape and burglary.

After reading this, is it safe to say that truth is scarier than fiction?


Meet Emily Stone, a vigilante detective and serial killer hunter. This book series trailer is not like any other. Check it out:


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American Violence: An Endless Epidemic

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Deep within the streets of the urban American landscape, there exists a harsh reality – it is more perilous to be caught without your gun than to be caught with your gun. Simply put, the streets instill more fear than law enforcement ever will.

A Violent Upswing

The violence that plagues America’s inner cities has seen a spike after many years of relatively low homicidal violence rates. In 2015, the murder rates have increased by 33% or more in large cities, such as New Orleans, St. Louis and Baltimore.

Chicago, America’s third largest city, has seen a one-year murder rate increase of 19%. Milwaukee, a city often associated with urban plight and unrest, has had over 84 murders this year, which is more than double the amount of murders recorded for the same time period in 2014.

Not since the drug-fueled violence of the 1980s have American cities been plagued by such civil unrest.

These numbers are staggering, and have been attributed to weak gun laws (according to opinion) and a subculture which places significant value on so-called street credibility. The end result leads to disputes (even minor ones) being settled with deadly force.

A Cycle of Violence

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Many experts believe that crime is cyclical in nature. And that 2015 is just another peak in the constant ebb and flow of the alarmingly violent culture that haunts many American cities. Distrust of the “establishment,” lack of opportunity and gang life have led many urban areas to resemble the wild west.

All of these problems are nothing new. So, why all of a sudden is there an increase?

It is has been suggested by criminologists that the current civil unrest stems from the recent alleged racially motivated police violence in North Charleston, South Carolina and Ferguson, Missouri. This, however, is only speculation, because the truth of the matter is – it is virtually impossible to pinpoint the exact reason for this upswing in violence.

Despite the ever increasing public attention to gun laws, and urban gangs, the violence in American cities continues to be a major problem facing this country. Often, crime will spike during hard economic times. Yet, during the most recent Great Recession, there was no spike in violent crime. Rather, the increase has occurred during a time of relative economic stability in America.

This inexplicable surge in violent crime leaves us to ponder – why now? Maybe you can shed some light on this issue. Please share your thoughts below.


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A Vigilante Detective Who Covertly Hunts Down Killers #Review #DarkPursuit



An Addictive Read!

Dark Pursuit is a very well written psychological crime thriller that will certainly suck the reader into this particular story right from the very start. This is the fifth book in the author’s ‘Emily Stone’ series, but it can be read alone without having to have read any of the previous titles in the series. This book has been very aptly entitled ‘Dark Pursuit’ and it is quite a dark story that involves both child kidnapping and the murder of children, but the author does handle this sensitive subject matter in a delicate, careful and very professional manner.

The main character within this story is Emily Stone, a vigilante detective who covertly hunts down killers with the assistance of her partner. Emily Stone’s main objective, as in the other books within this particular series, is to covertly assist the law enforcement agencies in catching the perpetrators of serious crimes in order to help them to be able to close complex serial cases that have possibly remained unsolved and to bring the perpetrators of the crimes to Justice.

I do like this author’s writing style as she weaves a strong and very well constructed story. The author masterfully creates a very real atmosphere of intrigue and suspense as the perpetrator is pursued by Emily Stone and her partner within the story of ‘Dark Pursuit’. The author’s characters are very strong, real and believable. The reader will become attached over time to both Emily Stone and her partner and will also experience their emotions and also their very human vulnerabilities, as Emily and her partner face some very difficult and sometimes horrifying situations together. Within this particular story, the reader also gains some insight into the reasons as to why Emily Stone has dedicated her life to making sure that the perpetrators of horrific serial crimes are caught and punished by the Law enforcement agencies. It is a glimpse into Emily Stone’s past, which is enlightening for the reader.

I really enjoyed this book, which I read from beginning to end almost without stopping for a break! Once started it is difficult to put this book down. I am really looking forward to reading further books in the Emily Stone Series as and when they become available.

Reviewed by The Secret Writer on September 13, 2015


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Match Book Covers to Photo Inspirations CONTEST: Win a FREE Emily Stone eBook of Your Choice!

Photography has always been a passion of mine and I always carry my camera with me when I leave the house.  It’s a great way that I unwind and take a break in between projects.  There are many times where I see something that sparks inspiration or a specific scene in one of my Emily Stone novels.

As a thank you to all my wonderful readers, the first 10 people who respond with all FIVE of the correct book covers (number) to all FIVE photo inspirations (letter) will receive a FREE Emily Stone ebook of their choice. If you have all of the books, you can gift your FREE ebook to anyone of your choosing.

The rules:

Please post your answers in the comment section and the best way to contact you, or if you wish, message me privately on my Facebook Author Page.

I will announce the winners in a later post!

That’s it!  Good luck!

Let the matching begin…








Here are actual photos that I took that helped me to write a particular scene in each of these action thrillers.  Walk in the footsteps of Emily Stone.  Ask yourself, “What would Emily do?”  Don’t be shy, leave your answers and a comment…










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Evil Incarnate: Psychopaths Among Us


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If you thought everyday life – like eating right, paying your bills, and not getting fired – wasn’t stressful enough. Here’s something else to chew on. It is estimated that psychopaths constitute a whopping 1% of the world’s population. Now…you may be saying to yourself “One percent? Please, that’s nothing!”

Well, let’s put that into perspective. The United States has roughly 320,000,000 inhabitants. Which means that, there are an estimated 3.2 million psychopaths lurking in towns and cities across the nation – from Main Street to Wall Street.

And they are certainly doing what they do best – manipulating, calculating and behaving in inappropriate, antisocial and often dangerous manners.

What is a psychopath

The psychopaths who walk among us do not always lurk in the dark. They often enter our lives in broad daylight with no sign of danger. They live their lives. Just like us. But that is where the commonality ends.

Psychopaths are very, VERY different than you and I. They have no moral compass. In fact, a psychopath has no conscience whatsoever. Although they often commit heinous acts, a psychopath struggles with neither shame nor guilt. They do what they please, without concern for others.

And, because psychopaths are so cold-blooded with an alarming detachment from human emotions and empathy, their horrible thoughts and impulses have no internal restraints. They act according to their own personal desires.

Despite the unscrupulous nature of psychopaths, they are not all homicidal maniacs. Many are seemingly law-abiding, charming and social people. Seemingly, however, is the operative word.

Psychopaths have a clear advantage over the rest of us. They do not care about the consequences of their behavior. At all.

In fact, psychopaths treat the world as their personal depraved playground. And the rest of us conscience-dictated suckers are just pawns in their bizarre and ruthless games.


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Psychopaths come in all forms

Yes, these wild and asocial people can be murderous villains – like HBO documentary sensation Robert Durst (who has committed multiple murders over a 40-year span, yet has remained unscathed until recently). But, surprisingly, the majority of psychopaths are technically law-abiding people, who are above the constraints of the legal system. They use their lack of conscience and manipulation skills to destroy lives. A psychopath will find ways to “legally” rob you blind, or wreak havoc on your emotional stability by playing you like a fiddle.

When you meet someone who says all the right things and has all the right moves, do you ask yourself – is this person too good to be true? Well, maybe they are. Do not become the prey in a psychopath’s insatiable lust for destruction.

Have you ever encountered a person who has charm, wit and intelligence, but also has a disturbing dark side?


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DARK PURSUIT Received an Honorable Award for Fiction/Action at the 2015 International Book Awards Readers’ Favorite









I am very honored and excited to have my latest action thriller DARK PURSUIT receive the Honorable Award in the Fiction/Action category from the 2015 International Book Awards Readers’ Favorite, which was announced on September 1st.  Thank you!  I can say, with inside knowledge, that Emily Stone is just as excited as I am.  Thanks to all of my readers and supporters of the series!  I could not do what I do without you.  You will be seeing more of Emily Stone in the near future.



An Emily Stone Thriller

Reviewed by Paul Johnson for Readers’ Favorite

Emily Stone, former police officer, is a vigilante detective who spends her time hunting down serial killers, particularly those that prey on children. Because of her exceptional profiling skills, she and her partner-lover Rick have closed more serial cases than many seasoned homicide detectives. Her prolific profiling skills and outstanding forensic techniques, along with deductive crime scene investigations, have set her up as major thorn in the side of many serial killers.

This story opens with a vehicle pursuit that immediately grabs the reader’s attention. At the end of the chase, Emily learns the true identity of the killer and almost loses her life in the process. The killer decides to let her live, at least for a while. In this book, Emily and Rick (a former detective), are hunting the Tick-Tock Killer, a serial killer who targets children. The killer is mocking the authorities by telling them where he will dump the next body. This creates a heightened sense of urgency for everyone concerned. Can Emily find and stop him before another child becomes a victim…

The fast paced action and plot momentum keep the reader’s attention to the very end. Although this book is part of a series, there is an extensive back story that fills the reader in on why and how Emily has chosen to pursue this career. The author has created a strong female protagonist that shows strengths and weaknesses. Her characterization is well developed and the plotting is superior as well. I recommend this book for anyone that enjoys great, well-written thrillers.

You can read more Readers’ Favorite Reviews… Here


Emily Stone has received three Action Awards.  In case you’re wondering why, you can see a little bit her action right here.  Meet Emily Stone….


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