Criminology Student Lived the Life of a Serial Killer “Crossbow Cannibal” and Will Die in Prison

“Humanity is not merely a biological condition.  It is also a state of mind.  On that basis, I am a pseudo human at best.  A demon at worst.”

“I’m misanthropic.  I don’t have much time for the human race.”

“I’ve killed loads…”

After claiming to have eaten part of one of his victims, he stated, “That’s part of the magic.”

These were recent quotes by convicted serial killer Stephen Griffiths from Bradford, West Yorkshire who was sentenced to life in prison in December.  He pled guilty to killing three women.  These are interesting insights into the murderous thoughts of one man who was obsessed with serial killers and mass murderers.  No doubt this heinous urge drew him to studying criminology.  He had spent six years working on a postgraduate thesis about serial killers.  He became obsessed with serial killers and mass murderers.  Obviously, his reality became blurred and then he crossed the line of no return.  

Does he actually believe what he is saying or is he merely grabbing the limelight as his center stage to shock the world and make history as a serial killer?  His calm and controlled demeanor in court only accentuated his narcissistic, psychopathic personality.

Griffiths, age 40, pled guilty to killing, dismembering, and eating parts of his three victims that worked as prostitutes in the red light district of Bradford.  He lured them to his apartment where he used knives and power tools to butcher the women in his bathtub.  One body was never found, there was only blood spatter in Griffiths apartment.  One victim was dumped in a nearby river and police recovered 81 pieces, including a broken knife and crossbow embedded in the victim’s decapitated head.  The last victim was only recovered a small fragment of her body. 

Many questions plague the police investigators in England.  Are there more bodies? They have opened old investigations to analyze any evidence or to link cases together if there is any truth to Griffith’s claims.  The unspeakable horror and brutality of these crimes will forever be on the minds of the people of Bradford. 

I find it difficult to believe (with the information given) that these three women were his first victims.  He had a killing plan and executed it well.  He was calm, cool, and collected like a practiced, violent psychopath.      

Griffith has suffered a history of poor mental health and a violent past.  He had been hospitalized for mental disorders in the mid 1990s.  His trouble began early, he was arrested at 17 when he was caught shoplifting and slashed a security guard’s throat with a knife.  He served 3 years in jail.  In 1989, he was prosecuted again for possession with an air pistol.

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