Photography Sunday — An Afternoon at the Beach

I’ve just finished my recent thriller novel Dark Mind and one of the ways I like to celebrate is by going to the beach.  I combine two of my favorite things, photography and walking along the beach, you never know what you’re going to see.

Above: Sarge (my 18 month old Labrador) jumping into the waves.

Be sure to get out and enjoy your weekend!

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5 Responses to Photography Sunday — An Afternoon at the Beach

  1. Thank you for sharing these Jennifer! I love dogs too. And a great reminder we have to step away from our computers sometimes.

    Congrats on finishing up Dark Mind.


  2. Is that a Sandhill Crane? We have them all over our area. They are fascinating birds.


  3. artsmuklermd says:

    Well, it’s good luck that you’re not agoraphobic! Otherwise, you’d be trapped at your desk just producing novels. Too bad for one of your main characters in Silent partner. Art


  4. zencherry says:

    Sarge!!!! 😀 Awesome dog!


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