Blog Talk Radio Show

My decision to host an hour show two/three times a month showcasing other thriller/suspense/mystery authors was something that I thought about for a while.  I realized during my journey that there are SO MANY wonderful, talented writers out there that deserve to get more recognition and exposure.  What a great way for me to give back for the wonderful interviews and reviews that I’ve received from others.  Not to mention, it’s been really fun getting to know other authors and talk about books.     

The other side to my show is conducting interviews with individuals in the criminal justice system, such as police detectives, criminal psychologists, profilers, attorneys, special investigators, PIs, and other forensic personnel.  I want to give listeners a little more insight into what forensic science and criminology is all about.  The “real” deal.  It’s a big part of my life and I want to share it. 

Tune in to listen live or enjoy one of my previously recorded show.



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