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Criminology Student Lived the Life of a Serial Killer “Crossbow Cannibal” and Will Die in Prison

“Humanity is not merely a biological condition.  It is also a state of mind.  On that basis, I am a pseudo human at best.  A demon at worst.” “I’m misanthropic.  I don’t have much time for the human race.” “I’ve … Continue reading

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Facial Recognition Offers a Valuable Tool for Law Enforcement Agencies

Facial recognition can be used as a valuable identification tool in any type of investigation.  This technique is especially valuable when fingerprint identification is not available or it’s not practicable, depending upon the type of case or circumstances. Similar to … Continue reading

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Basic Novel Outline Guidelines

Two of the most popular questions about writing novels I hear… How long does it take to write a novel and do you outline?  Both are great questions, but answers vary from writer to writer.  An average timeframe for writing … Continue reading

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Psychopaths, Pathological Liars, and Scam Artists

Psychopaths aren’t always career criminals and serial killers, but many times they are because they can’t help themselves as they exhibit distinct patterns of behavior.  A psychopath is an individual who views others as sources of gratification and acts accordingly … Continue reading

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Main Characters that Make a Lasting Impression

Everyone has their favorite leading characters from movies and books.  I know that I seem to gravitate towards strong, no nonsense, kick butt female leads like Sarah Connor in the Terminator trilogy.  These characters make you cheer when they overcome … Continue reading

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