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Free Your Mind by Organizing Writing Goals for 2011 and Beyond

Clear you mind…  Organize your writing space…  Tidy up your computer file folders…  Just let the ideas and writing begin to flow…  It’s time to budget your writing goals.  Whether you’re a new or an experienced writer, there’s always a … Continue reading

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How Can Henna Help Catch Criminals?

Fingerprints have been studied for uniqueness, identification and criminal importance for more than one hundred years.  The significance of fingerprints and the criminal justice system can’t be undervalued; they can implicate the guilty by linking a criminal to the victim … Continue reading

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How to Prepare to Write a Screenplay

  You have a movie idea in your head.  Maybe you even have some scenes worked out with the main character or characters.  And, maybe you even know how it’s going to end.  But you need to start at the … Continue reading

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Inspiration for Writing a Crucial Scene in Silent Partner

In creating my newest novel Silent Partner, I found that there are times some of the smallest things help to inspire a specific scene. Originally, this story was a screenplay that I wrote several years ago.  There’s a big difference … Continue reading

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What Bite Mark Evidence Leaves Behind at a Crime Scene

There has been a considerable amount of controversy surrounding criminal cases with bite mark evidence.  It is true that it isn’t an “exact” science, but it can be helpful in to exclude or include a suspect who could have inflicted … Continue reading

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Is it a Homicide or a Staged Suicide?

It has been stated that simulating a crime to cover up another crime is somewhat rare.  However, there have been many documented cases where a murder has been covered up with arson, supposed self-inflicted gunshot wounds, and automotive accidents. More … Continue reading

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2011 with a New Amazon Kindle

I recently purchased an Amazon Kindle with the basic wi-fi version during the holiday.  I want to make it clear that I’m not a “techie” electronic-oriented person.  I love my physical books and I keep all of my electronic devices … Continue reading

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