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Are COLD CASES on the Rise? A Chat with Cold Case Detective and Crime Media Consultant Joe Giacalone

I’ve been concerned about the rise of unsolved homicides in California as well as across the entire US for some time now. Most that follow me know that I’ve voiced my concerns about crime and cold cases. I’ve been hearing … Continue reading

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Ingenious Forensics: Two High-Profile Cases Solved by Extraordinary DNA Evidence

Recent advancements in DNA technology has helped law enforcement lock up criminals who, years ago, would have most likely escaped justice.  But, thanks to the efforts of forensic scientists, DNA analysis has dramatically increased in accuracy and reliability. Here are … Continue reading

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Law of the Land: 4 Landmark Criminal Justice Supreme Court Decisions

The United States Supreme Court is the final authority on all cases that arise from American federal law or Constitutional issues. Over the past 50 years, the Justices of the Court have rendered a plethora of landmark criminal justice decisions. … Continue reading

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Chip Palmer is Back in a New Book: SCENE OF THE CRIME #NewRelease #Mystery

The second installment in the Award Winning Forensic Crime Series, SCENE OF THE CRIME, features the eccentric, reclusive criminalist and profiler Chip Palmer and Inspector Kate Rawlins together again. There is a killer on the loose and sparks are flying! … Continue reading

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FBI’s Most Wanted: 3 Infamous Fugitives Caught!

Every so often, some violent criminal slips through the fingers of local law enforcement. Or maybe they get lucky and escape prison. But usually, the fugitive’s days are numbered. Because once they enter the proverbial crosshairs of the Federal Bureau … Continue reading

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Undercover Cops: 3 Heroic Stories

Undercover police work is a fascinating universe due to the inherent paradox. You have a person sworn to uphold and enforce the law, who then becomes immersed in – and ingratiated into – the world of outlaws. In addition to … Continue reading

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5 Writing Tips for Punching up Fight Scenes

I love reading and writing action-oriented stories. It doesn’t matter if it’s a movie or book—I love all the action with fights, weapons, car chases, martial arts, or an old-fashioned shootout. It may sound easy enough to write, but you … Continue reading

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