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Holiday Mayhem: 5 Thanksgiving Crime Mysteries

The true purpose of Thanksgiving is to show gratitude for the wonderful things in your life. And to celebrate that appreciation with your loved ones. Unfortunately though, for some, the holiday does not represent gratitude. But rather, the day has … Continue reading

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The Reality of Forensics: 6 Myths Debunked

Pop culture has a fascination with the world of forensic science. Whether it’s a television show, movie or novel. The public’s thirst for crime drama is unquenchable. And that’s because, crime has an inherent conflict on multiple levels, which equals … Continue reading

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN: 31 Things That Scare Me

It’s the scariest month of the year and quickly coming to a close. I thought I’d keep up with the yearly tradition and post what actually scares a criminologist and crime fiction author. Some things stay the same, but I’m … Continue reading

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It Happened One Dark Night…

The blustery wind hammered the sides of the house and across the windows, but the rain refused to fall before darkness descended. High-pitched tunes of the winter season squeezed through the age cracks in between the old weather-stripping and electrical … Continue reading

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Antiquity to Modernity: A Timeline of Criminal Justice and Criminology

Our modern notions of crime and punishment are the result of millennia of human advancement. From antiquity to modern times, criminal justice and criminology have evolved due to significant contributions from a diverse array of civilizations. Here is a brief … Continue reading

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The Feds: 6 of America’s Top Law Enforcement Agencies

The United States is a federal republic. Simply put, this means that Americans are governed by elected officials at both a federal and state level. And, to a lesser extent, a local level. Federal law enforcement agencies exist for one … Continue reading

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Influential Minds: 6 Masters of Criminology

Drawing on philosophy, sociology, psychology and anthropology, criminologists examine the origins, nature and control of criminal behavior. Over the centuries, the field of criminology has been influenced by some of the most gifted minds the world has ever known. Here’s … Continue reading

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