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Face of a Future Veterinarian or Crime Fiction Author?

It’s hard to believe that I was two-years-old once – and yes, the photo posted above is indeed me with my first dog, just waiting for the fascinating world to unfold in front of me.  The possibilities seemed endless. I … Continue reading

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Impression Evidence Takes a Front Row Seat at Crime Scenes

“There is no branch of detective science that is so important and so much neglected as the art of tracing footsteps”, simply stated by the fictional detective character, Sherlock Holmes from A Study in Scarlet written in 1881. How important … Continue reading

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Homeless Man Admits to Murder from More Than Two Decades Later

Sometimes police catch a lead early in a criminal investigation and the perpetrator is behind bars within hours.  In other instances, detectives can comb through clues and re-interview witnesses multiple times over years or decades before that amazing moment when … Continue reading

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Psychological Impact of the “Broken Windows” Theory

My academic background has helped me to explore and understand some of the complicated aspects of the criminal justice system when addressing crime, criminals, profiling, and crime scene investigation.  This is one of main reasons that I chose this field … Continue reading

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Photography Sunday — Spring Mixed Bag

I love springtime and I look for any opportunity to grab my camera and head outdoors.  Here are a few photographs from a recent nature excursion. I get some of my best story ideas when I’m on a nature walk.  … Continue reading

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Murder of Teenager in Oregon Shows How Experts Can Crack a Case after a Decade

Of course I am a sucker for any television program that examines the criminal mind, especially when it’s a documentary that allows me to delve into the psychology surrounding the decision to engage in violent activity.  While I never forget … Continue reading

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Would You Trust a Psychopath?

I came across an interesting article explaining that psychopaths may come in two varieties: psychopaths who are incarcerated for criminal acts and psychopaths who may never be incarcerated or caught for their criminal activities. I thought this was an interesting … Continue reading

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