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Identify this Tree and WIN a FREE e-Copy of DARK MIND!

I often spend my off time taking photographs around the incredible California outdoors.  Recently, I visited a mission, saw this fantastic tree, and took several photos.  I settled on this image but… Now, I need your help… Here is your … Continue reading

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Forensics – The Past Meets the Present

Here are some fun facts about forensics. It is often thought that police forensics has been a relatively new contribution to interpreting, reconstructing, and solving crimes in our society.  Quite the contrary, police forensics, or more accurately described as forensic … Continue reading

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Serial Killer Who Operated “Torture Truck” Avoids Death Penalty

In a state that is known for expediting the death of convicted criminals who have been given such a sentence by the court, one serial killer has reached a deal that will keep him alive but behind bars for the … Continue reading

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Boosting Creativity for Writing Crime Thrillers

I thought I’d lighten things up today with a break from crime scenes, serial killers, fiction thrillers, and forensic breakthroughs.  I love to share all of this information.  I forget sometimes that I find all of these things fascinating and … Continue reading

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Manson Prepares for Yet Another Parole Hearing

Did you know that one of our nation’s most notorious killers gets his twelfth shot at parole next week, on April 11?  Considering he has been in prison for forty years for crimes that rocked our nation and prison officials … Continue reading

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Criminal Profiling – An Overview of a Threshold Assessment

It’s no secret that my primary interest is in the mind of a criminal – more specifically, the mind of a serial killer as well as the behavioral aspects of a crime scene. My latest crime thriller Dark Mind delves … Continue reading

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Do you Know Your Crime History?

Calling all CSI lovers out there, I’ve got a challenge for you. I love finding interesting tidbits and fun facts when I’m researching for my books.  I came across a ten-question quiz related to crime.  I or should I say, … Continue reading

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