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California Serial Killers: 7 Notorious Golden State Psychos

California has a lot to offer. From the hills of Hollywood to the think tanks of Silicon Valley. From the beaches, up over the mountains and into the deserts. The Golden State provides an endless bounty of opportunities for adventure … Continue reading

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Manson Prepares for Yet Another Parole Hearing

Did you know that one of our nation’s most notorious killers gets his twelfth shot at parole next week, on April 11?  Considering he has been in prison for forty years for crimes that rocked our nation and prison officials … Continue reading

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What Does Forensic Science, Charles Manson, and a Black Labrador Retriever Have in Common?

No, this isn’t the silly punch line for a joke.  I found a very interesting article that immediately captured my interest about three things that I study on a regular basis: forensics, serial killers, and Labrador retrievers.  Undisputed, Labrador retrievers … Continue reading

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