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Fingerprints — Important Piece of Evidence

Fingerprints have been studied for uniqueness, identification and criminal importance for more than one hundred years.  The significance of fingerprints and the criminal justice system can’t be undervalued; they can implicate the guilty by linking a criminal to the victim … Continue reading

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Search Dogs Helping Find Victims in Joplin

The stories that have been coming out of Joplin, Missouri over the past week have been heartbreaking, inspiring, and terrifying.  As everyone knows, the city was struck by the deadliest tornado in United States history on May 22.  As of … Continue reading

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Photography Sunday — California Dreamin…

  I find myself drawn to the beaches in California year round.  My camera captures the subtle changes of light, sky, and water.  This particular day I couldn’t help but snap a few shots of a lone surfer walking down … Continue reading

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Has Crime Gone to the Dogs?

In researching my latest novel Silent Partner, I found myself immersed in the police K9 training world.  I wanted to create a main “cop” character that was also a K9 unit.  This was a challenge, but I felt that it … Continue reading

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Emily Stone Now Has Her Own Crime Watch Blog!

Emily Stone tracks down child predators and serial killers in Compulsion and Award Winning Dead Game.  She cares about the safety of others and the injustice of unsolved cases.  She gathers all of the detailed crime scene information and finds … Continue reading

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13 Little Known Facts About Author Jennifer Chase

  “Curiosity is often that annoying voice in my head.  I always want to know why or what happened…” It’s friday before a nice long 3-day weekend.  I thought I’d lighten things up a bit with some fun.  Actually, poking fun … Continue reading

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Behavioral Patterns of Homicide and Writing Crime Fiction

Criminal homicide is divided by statute: murder in the first degree, murder in the second degree, and manslaughter.  The corpus delicti  (the objective proof that a crime has been committed) of homicide must include these three elements:  an evidentiary showing … Continue reading

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