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BOOK REVIEW: Emily Stone Takes Action and Doesn’t Let Anything Stand in Her Way #action #thriller

Dead Burn was definitely the most challenging crime thriller I have ever written to date, but I loved every second of it.  I pushed myself to raise the stakes for vigilante detective Emily Stone.  There were times that I was … Continue reading

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A Horrible Day Now Relived through the Release of 911 Calls

Despite the strong objections from many of the parents of the victims, 911 tapes from the school massacre that took place nearly one year ago at Sandy Hook Elementary School have been released to the public. The Associated Press asked … Continue reading

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Psychic Makes False Claims of Mass Gravesite in Texas

Frenzied news reports that were coming out of Texas earlier this week led many of us to believe that a serial killer’s victims had been discovered in the Lone Star State.  A woman, who later identified herself as a psychic … Continue reading

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Has Crime Gone to the Dogs?

In researching my latest novel Silent Partner, I found myself immersed in the police K9 training world.  I wanted to create a main “cop” character that was also a K9 unit.  This was a challenge, but I felt that it … Continue reading

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Serial Killer’s Paintings to Be Sold for Charity

Criminals who are waiting out their time on death row engage in a variety of activities to make the days pass.  Some read countless law books in hopes of finding a way to appeal their sentence.  Others take up writing … Continue reading

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