BOOK REVIEW: Emily Stone Takes Action and Doesn’t Let Anything Stand in Her Way #action #thriller


Dead Burn was definitely the most challenging crime thriller I have ever written to date, but I loved every second of it.  I pushed myself to raise the stakes for vigilante detective Emily Stone.  There were times that I was so exhausted from writing some of the action sequences that I could barely type out the words.  I had to take frequent breaks and leave my computer behind as I took a walk, played with Sarge, or exercised.  Even still, I relived the scenes and revised them in my mind until the events came to an end.

I wanted to share an amazing review I received recently on Amazon, which blew me away.  My deep appreciation and thanks goes out to readers that enjoy the Emily Stone Series.


DeadBurn_Gold_Action_cov5 STARS

Thumbs Up!

December 10, 2013

By Diana L

This book was recommended to me by someone who knows how much I loved the Vince Flynn books.

Jennifer Chase’s style of writing reminded much of Flynn’s and I liked how easy it was to connect with the main character.

A chapter into the book, I stopped reading to buy two more books by this author as I knew I’d found a new favorite writer.

I liked the main character Emily- she was intuitive, took action and didn’t let anything (or anyone) get in her way.

The additional characters complement the action well and give you some good action packed moments. I don’t want to give out any spoilers but I just knew who was going to end up in the body bag and was glad the author put the character in it.

The dog was a good addition to the story line and made Emily more real in my opinion.

The attention to detail throughout was great. I felt the characters spoke realistically –such as when Jordan was confronted and dropped his backpack, I could see him saying exactly what he said.

Red was gritty (and a tad shady and creepy to me). His underlying nastiness was like a low electric current throughout – you knew it was there and held your breath waiting for him to make his next move.

If you like action stories with good police/forensic detail – I think you will be as sucked in as I found I was. Rarely do I buy a second (and third) book by an author before finishing the first book- this was a no -brainer to do.

Thumbs up!


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