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Law of the Land: 4 Landmark Criminal Justice Supreme Court Decisions

The United States Supreme Court is the final authority on all cases that arise from American federal law or Constitutional issues. Over the past 50 years, the Justices of the Court have rendered a plethora of landmark criminal justice decisions. … Continue reading

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Chip Palmer is Back in a New Book: SCENE OF THE CRIME #NewRelease #Mystery

The second installment in the Award Winning Forensic Crime Series, SCENE OF THE CRIME, features the eccentric, reclusive criminalist and profiler Chip Palmer and Inspector Kate Rawlins together again. There is a killer on the loose and sparks are flying! … Continue reading

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Undercover Cops: 3 Heroic Stories

Undercover police work is a fascinating universe due to the inherent paradox. You have a person sworn to uphold and enforce the law, who then becomes immersed in – and ingratiated into – the world of outlaws. In addition to … Continue reading

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Women Have Contributed to Law Enforcement for More than a Century

Originally posted on Author Jennifer Chase:
In my crime fiction Emily Stone Thriller Series, the main character is an ex-police officer where she had to go toe to toe with a male dominated profession.  Certain situations (don’t want to give…

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Vigilante Detective Emily Stone in DARK PURSUIT #FREE #Amazon

BOOK SERIES BREAKING NEWS: International award-winning DARK PURSUIT will be FREE Wednesday (6/8), Thursday (6/9), and Friday (6/10) on Amazon Worldwide. No need to worry or feel like you need to read book #1 first because ALL of the EMILY … Continue reading

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I’ve Stared Into the Heart of a Psychopath

Originally posted on Author Jennifer Chase:
As with my fictional heroine Emily Stone, I have stared into the heart of psychopath.  The first book in the award-winning Emily Stone Series is loosely based on some of my experiences with a…

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4 of the World’s Most Reputable Police Forces

Photo courtesy of prince2.ca. It is not easy to determine what makes a great police force. Is it raw statistics? Stellar community relations? Job satisfaction? Maybe it is a combination of those, and many other, factors. Regardless of how you … Continue reading

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