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Antiquity to Modernity: A Timeline of Criminal Justice and Criminology

Our modern notions of crime and punishment are the result of millennia of human advancement. From antiquity to modern times, criminal justice and criminology have evolved due to significant contributions from a diverse array of civilizations. Here is a brief … Continue reading

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Criminology: 9 Fascinating Theories

The science of criminology studies one vital question – What makes criminals do what they do? Although the question appears simple. The answers are exceptionally complex. For centuries, criminologists have grappled with the intricate and troubling relationship between criminals, their … Continue reading

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6 Groundbreaking Moments in Criminal Justice

Throughout history, the criminal justice system—both domestic and abroad—has been consistently challenged to develop innovations to combat the growing threats that confront society. Here are six historical moments that forever changed how law and order is preserved. Photo courtesy of … Continue reading

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The Impact of Steve Jobs in the World of Criminal Justice

With the sad passing of Apple founder Steve Jobs this week, condolences and stories of his impact have been coming in from across the world.   At Apple stores from New York City to Tokyo, people have left notes sharing how … Continue reading

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