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Dark Mind — An Emily Stone Thriller (Coming Soon)

Emily Stone is hot on the trail of an abducted child and the clues take her to the beautiful island paradise of Kauai.  It doesn’t take long for her to get thrown into the middle of murder, mayhem, and conspiracies.  A serial … Continue reading

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Parents of Connecticut Killer Testify

When it comes to the study of forensic psychology, it’s probably safe to assume that no criminal gets more attention than a brutal killer.  We are simultaneously fascinated and terrified by someone who could beat, rape, torture, and murder, often … Continue reading

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7 X 7 Link Award

I was so surprised when I received this blog award.  I’m not shy in saying how excited I am!  Woohoo! My blog award was presented to me by Mary Kate Leahy.  Thank you so much!  She’s very cool and has … Continue reading

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Looking for a Good Overview of Forensic Psychology?

It’s fun when I encounter an article and as I’m reading it, I think, “Yes!  This explains perfectly why I have such a passion for my chosen field!”  I never cease to be fascinated by the world of forensic psychology.  … Continue reading

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Inspiration for the Opening Fog Sequence of Dead Game

One of my favorite ways to take a break from writing is to go the beach.  It doesn’t matter the time of the year because the subtle seasonal changes make the coastline almost a magical place for me.  I actually … Continue reading

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Photography Sunday — An Afternoon at the Beach

I’ve just finished my recent thriller novel Dark Mind and one of the ways I like to celebrate is by going to the beach.  I combine two of my favorite things, photography and walking along the beach, you never know what … Continue reading

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Key Evidence Can Make or Break a Case

Fingerprint evidence is absolutely key in a crime scene investigation.  The science of fingerprint identification is also referred to as dactylography.  It’s the most fragile piece of evidence.  Environmental conditions and improper handling can contaminate it easily.  After collecting the … Continue reading

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