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Serial Crime Happens in all Types of Crimes

When you hear the term “serial crime”, immediately your mind thinks of “serial killers”.  The reality is that serial crime means any type of crime occurring in a pattern that indicates a single offender.  However, there has been some debate … Continue reading

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Jack & Keno Fight Crime in Silent Partner

Police K9 units are sometimes the unsung heroes of law enforcement.  Most people don’t know much about them, except the fact that these chosen patrol officers have a four-legged partner instead of a human partner.  And of course, the fact … Continue reading

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Test Your Crime Knowledge

I love finding interesting tidbits and fun facts when I’m researching for my books.  I came across a ten-question quiz related to crime.  I missed one, number #9.  These are actually tough.  Try your luck and see how well you … Continue reading

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Criminals Beware! There’s a New DNA Spray in Town and it Wants to Tag You!

Criminals see businesses, such as pubs, restaurants, jewelers, service stations, and convenience stores as easy targets for quick bucks.  Unfortunately, this type of crime can actually cripple a business and tag it as an easy target for future attacks.  A … Continue reading

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