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Thriller Thursday Guest — Author Ashley Fontainne

It’s my favorite day of the week!  Well, with exception to Forensic Friday!  Today, I have the very talented author Ashley Fontainne with her thriller Zero Balance, the second installment of the Eviscerating the Snake Series.  I have chills… * … Continue reading

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California Football Star Cleared of Rape Conviction after Nearly a Decade

While members of law enforcement seem to have more technology at their disposal to help them track down the bad guys and make sure they have the right one in custody, the process of justice is still controlled by humans, … Continue reading

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Get Into the Mind with a Psychological Autopsy

One of the most interesting aspects of studying criminal behavior and criminology is finding out why and how criminals commit a specific crime.  It is the complicated task of finding out what makes an individual tick by learning more about … Continue reading

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Aloha Serial Killer

When I first began writing crime thrillers and my first book Compulsion, I didn’t immediately envision a series.  I was so involved in the story initially and it was a therapy of sorts from my horrible experiences with a sociopathic … Continue reading

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Thriller Thursday Guest — Author Tamera Lawrence

Today’s guest is Mystery Author Tamera Lawrence.  If you love mysteries with a paranormal flair, then keep the lights on with The Pond.  Trust me you won’t look at dark closets and homemade pies in the same way. * * … Continue reading

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Suspect Held in Connection with Missing California Teenager

I am sure there are not many among us whose heart does not sink every time we hear about a missing child.  We follow the reports and hope that news soon will come that the boy or girl has been … Continue reading

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Signature Behavior vs. Modus Operandi

Sometimes it’s confusing for people to differentiate between a criminal’s signature versus the criminal’s modus operandi when a criminal commits a specific type of crime. Are they the same? No, they are distinctly different because one feeds on emotional needs, … Continue reading

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