Suspect Held in Connection with Missing California Teenager

I am sure there are not many among us whose heart does not sink every time we hear about a missing child.  We follow the reports and hope that news soon will come that the boy or girl has been found and is safe.  But, unfortunately, the events do not often unfold that way.

In some instances, the parents must try to find solace in finding the person who took their loved one and in being able to provide a final rest to that child.  For Sierra Lamar’s family, they believe the first part of that wish may have been answered; now they are hoping the man authorities have in custody will allow them to bury their daughter.

Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office has arrested Antolin Garcia-Torres on suspicion of kidnapping and murder in the disappearance of fifteen-year-old Sierra LaMar, who went missing while walking to her school bus stop.  Garcia-Torres’ DNA was discovered in LaMar’s discarded purse, and subsequently further forensic evidence was found “in multiple places” on items belonging to LaMar and in Garcia-Torres’ car.  Garcia-Torres already was in the DNA database due to assault charges filed against him in 2009, making the match a quick one.

Apparently, Garcia-Torres is not cooperating with questioning and, right now, Sierra’s parents simply want to know the location of their daughter’s body.  Because, although many details have not been released, police believe they have enough evidence to be certain the girl is dead.

I will hope, on behalf of Sierra LaMar’s family, that if they cannot see their daughter alive again, at least the next news story I read will share that are now able to bring her home one last time.

This case has been especially difficult for me because the events took place close to where I live.   Everywhere I would see Sierra’s beautiful smiling face on a missing poster.  The first few days after she went missing seemed to bring some hope that she was still alive and even a month later still some hope.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Sierra LaMar.

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  1. Thanks for this post! It’s so important to focus on and highlight the victims. My thoughts are with the LaMar family, too.


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