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Can Brain Scans Really Show Specific Abnormalities in Psychopaths?

It has been stated in the medical and psychological arenas that psychopaths are typically considered as untreatable.  The immense challenges of treating these types of individuals are next to impossible based on their ability to manipulate and con their way … Continue reading

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Abductors of Jaycee Dugard Plead Guilty

Today, in a courtroom in California, Phillip and Nancy Garrido plead guilty to the abduction of Jaycee Dugard and other related charges and finally brought some closure to a nightmare situation that began twenty years ago.  The couple will now … Continue reading

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Writing in the Moment…

I recently discovered a new term “mindfulness” in my everyday life.  It basically means what it implies.  On one level it means paying attention to details of what’s going on around you at any given time, but on a much … Continue reading

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Police Helicopter Shot in Los Angeles

Those who read this blog or know me personally are hopefully well aware of the deep respect I have for the members of our law enforcement agencies.  They do amazing work every day to keep our communities safe, often putting … Continue reading

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Break Out of Writer’s Block or Stubborn Procrastination

We’ve all been there.  I’ve never really experienced writer’s block, but procrastination isn’t far away for me on some of my writing days.  At times, it’s difficult to stay focused on my story because my mind wanders to other things … Continue reading

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Interesting Serial Killer Facts – Part Two

I’ve received the most interest and visits from my blog article on 13 Interesting Serial Killer Facts that was first posted last year and then again last month.  An interesting fact that many people forget about is that the United … Continue reading

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Life on the Beat as a K9 Officer

As I researched the inner workings of K9 units for my latest novel Silent Partner, I realized that every police K9 officer I met (both active duty and retired) couldn’t express enough how rewarding the job was for them.  I … Continue reading

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