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Onion Field Killer Dies in Prison

When a police officer is killed in the line of duty, his fellow officers never forget.  Even decades later, and among men and women who never served with the slain individual, a member of the police force is discussed with … Continue reading

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Teardrop Rapist Appears to Have Struck Again

Several months ago, the Los Angeles Police Department released nine composite sketches that had been made of the “Teardrop Rapist,” a man who is wanted in connection with more than thirty sexual assaults.  At the time the LAPD held a … Continue reading

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Women Have Contributed to Law Enforcement for More than a Century

In my crime fiction Emily Stone Thriller Series, the main character is an ex-police officer where she had to go toe to toe with a male dominated profession.  Certain situations (don’t want to give away any spoilers) dictated that she … Continue reading

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Police Helicopter Shot in Los Angeles

Those who read this blog or know me personally are hopefully well aware of the deep respect I have for the members of our law enforcement agencies.  They do amazing work every day to keep our communities safe, often putting … Continue reading

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