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PUBLICATION DAY! Little Girls Sleeping: A Detective Katie Scott Thriller #NewRelease #Crime

Good Morning! It’s publication day–finally! I’m so very excited to announce that LITTLE GIRLS SLEEPING is now available in all formats. So grab your coffee, turn on all the lights, lock the doors, and jump into Detective Katie Scott’s investigation … Continue reading

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DNA Forensic Files: 1970s Murder Cases Solved in 2019 #ColdCases #DNA

Over the past several years, the use of DNA and genetic genealogy to solve decades-old murder cases has grown dramatically. Combining cutting-edge technology with increased access to innumerable genetic databases, investigators are able to arrest killers who have roamed free … Continue reading

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From Love to Murder: 2 High-Profile Valentine’s Day Killings

For most of us, Valentine’s Day is a time of romantic gestures, flowers and those heart-shaped candies that taste like chalk. Unfortunately, though, this lovey-dovey atmosphere has the opposite effect on some. So, instead of a romantic candlelight dinner, psychopathic … Continue reading

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Murder by Poison: Two High-Profile Forensic Toxicology Cases

Forensic toxicology is one of the many fields of science that populates the intriguing world of investigative forensics. The main purpose of forensic toxicology is to aid law enforcement in understanding the extent to which ingested substances contributed to a person’s … Continue reading

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Gruesome Mysteries: Forensics Cracks the Case Once Again

For many of us, the area in which we live is filled with relative peace and tranquility. But, sometimes, a gruesome and brutal crime will occur in our community. And then suddenly, that harmony is turned upside down. Fortunately, modern … Continue reading

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Forensic Justice: 4 High-Profile Cold Murder Cases Solved by DNA

The continuing development of highly-accurate forensic science techniques is a fascinating study into the evolution of crime fighting and justice. Over the past decade, there’s been an explosion of cold cases being solved through the use of various forensic analysis … Continue reading

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Halloween Horror: 4 True-Life Stories of Holiday Terror

Halloween – the creepy holiday where people decide it’s okay to release their inner freak. And for the most part, it’s all in the name of fun. But sometimes, the creepiness goes too far and people wind up hurt. Or … Continue reading

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