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Silent Partner Took Home the Silver!

I’m very honored that SILENT PARTNER won the 2011 SILVER AWARD for BEST in SUSPENSE at Reader’s Favorite.  Thank you!  Congratulations to all winning authors! This story was a very special project and close to my heart. Here’s a recent … Continue reading

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How Many Characters Do You Kill in a Thriller Novel?

I’ve had this question posed to me recently and I actually had to stop and really think about it.  How many characters are too many to kill off in a thriller novel?  Is there a minimum number of murders to a … Continue reading

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It’s a Match!

From any crime show that we’ve viewed on television or in the movies, there is that moment where the evidence matches and the suspect is then brought to justice.  They make it seem so easy and it only take a … Continue reading

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Navy Seal’s Dog Pays a Final Tribute

If you are a dog owner, you probably can share at least one example of a time that your pet offered you comfort after a tragic event or maybe simply at the end of a hard day at work.  Dogs … Continue reading

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How Important are Character Names?

Names are interesting because there is a history to them and how they have evolved over the years.  Some names are newer than others like Haley, Riley, Tanner, and Hunter compared to Mary, Emily, John, and David. I find that … Continue reading

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“Flash Robs” Are Becoming Dangerous New Trend

I often discuss technology on this blog and the fight to bring violent criminals to justice throughout the pages of my novels is aided by the latest surveillance equipment and communication devices.  But recently, the technology that has become so … Continue reading

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Psychodynamics of the Criminal’s Signature

One of the biggest obstacles law enforcement faces when investigating a violent crime is the mindset and motivations of the criminal act.  This is where the signature of the offender comes into focus and it should be studied carefully.  It’s … Continue reading

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