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Who is Emily Stone and Why Should We Care About Her?

Emily Stone is the main protagonist in my thriller series, Compulsion, Dead Game, and Dark Mind.  She has been aptly described as a phantom forensic investigator and a vigilante detective because she hunts down serial killers and child pedophiles with … Continue reading

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Making the Decision to Intervene in a Crime

Have you ever been confronted with a decision as to whether or not you would place yourself in the middle of a dangerous situation in order to stop a criminal?  Are you one to try and break up a fight, … Continue reading

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Guest Post — Maverick Thriller Author John Avery

I’m excited to have Best Selling Kindle Thriller Author John Avery on my blog today.  He gives a fascinating look into creating thriller villains and some insight why we “love” to hate them.  You’ll learn about Avery and the bad … Continue reading

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Confessed Child Killer Takes His Own Life in Georgia Prison

Several weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about the horrific murder of a young girl in Georgia named Jorelys Rivera who was found mangled in the dumpster of an apartment complex several days after she had been reporting as … Continue reading

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The Eyes Tell a Story

I think we all can agree that you can tell a few things about a person just from their eyes.  Some people have sad eyes, sparkly eyes, sleepy eyes, or even happy eyes. Do you find that you’re attracted more … Continue reading

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Photography Sunday — My Escape

I love the beach.  No matter what problems or stresses that exist in my everyday life, they seem small when I get to a beach shoreline.  The subtle breeze, fresh sea air, and the picture perfect view makes me more … Continue reading

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Can Vigilante Detective Emily Stone Handle Herself Among Today’sTough Female TV Police Detectives?

Okay, I admit it.  I watch a couple of television cop shows on a regular basis, usually with strong female characters of course.  Some of my favorite cop shows are Law & Order SVU, Rizzoli & Isles, Castle, and The … Continue reading

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