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Body Parts Found Near Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood sign high atop a hill in California has stood as a symbol of glamour and celebrity for generations.  There aren’t too many people who do not recognize those large white letters and think of being a movie star, … Continue reading

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Can Bare Feet Benefit Your Writing and Overall Health?

You know that exhausted, tired feeling after a long day of standing on your feet?  You come home and immediately kick your shoes off and peel off your tired old socks.  Ahhh, now that’s relief.  You even feel a little … Continue reading

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Investigating Four Types of Serial Killers

In my Emily Stone Thriller Series, Emily Stone goes up against a ruthless, diabolical and somewhat eccentric serial killer in my thriller Dead Game.  This serial killer “Samuel” uses his unique signature as a “voyeuristic” serial killer to commit his crimes.  I … Continue reading

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Bullseye – 1 Star Book Reviews

“Hit me with your best shot!  Fire away…!” Book reviews are an interesting case study, but there is a distinct psychology behind them.  When I’m surfing online bookstores for new books to read or even anticipating new releases of some … Continue reading

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Serial Killer Targets Homeless in California

With the way that it’s been highlighted on television programs the past several years, you may think that Orange County, California is only home to wealthy teenagers who spend their days flirting by the beach and “real housewives” who document … Continue reading

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Out & About Magazine — January 2012

It’s 2012 and time for the new monthly issue of Out & About Magazine!  It’s California’s South Bay premiere entertainment guide with several great articles.  My monthly book review column features Hunter by Robert Bidinotto.  Don’t miss it!  You will … Continue reading

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Comments by Rapists and Printed in British “Lad Mags” are Indistinguishable

I spent some time over the holidays catching up on what some of the professionals who I respect in the field of forensic psychology have been sharing with their reading audience lately.  I came across a fascinating, although disturbing, piece … Continue reading

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