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Washington Man Targets Sex Offenders for Murder

I am sure that we all want to see justice done to sex offenders.  I have focused several storylines in my novels about those who commit such crimes and the wonderful efforts of law enforcement to get them off the … Continue reading

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When Your Child is a Sex Offender

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day this past weekend?  Did you call your mom or take her out to brunch?  If you are a mom, maybe you were treated to breakfast in bed or a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Over … Continue reading

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Comments by Rapists and Printed in British “Lad Mags” are Indistinguishable

I spent some time over the holidays catching up on what some of the professionals who I respect in the field of forensic psychology have been sharing with their reading audience lately.  I came across a fascinating, although disturbing, piece … Continue reading

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The Trailer Park That So Many Sexual Predators Call Home

Many of you read on my blog recently, and probably saw on multiple news sources as well, the story of the horrific murder of a young girl living in an Indiana trailer park.  While there are still so many unanswered … Continue reading

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