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Chicago Sheriff Wants to Dig for More Gacy Victims

The stories of most serial killers continue to evolve long after they are put to death through our justice system or manage to live the duration of their existence undetected by authorities.  The anguish of the families continue, the questions … Continue reading

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Still a Child, but Serving Life in Prison

It’s a sad fact that kids are not only the victims of tragic violence in our country, but that they also are sometimes the perpetrators.  We’ve all seen stories of children who gun down their classmates in the middle of … Continue reading

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What Does Catawampus Have to do with a Crime Thriller?

I’ve received many wonderful reviews for my latest crime thriller Dark Mind and a few comments about one of the scenes in the beginning of the book.  In Chapter Three, my heroine has a physical confrontation with a couple of … Continue reading

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Uncovering Tough Clues in Investigations – Examining the Digits

There are forensic scientists discovering and applying new scientific techniques to help solve new cases and uncovering clues in cold cases.  Since fingerprints are the most fragile pieces of evidence in a criminal investigation and are the most important to … Continue reading

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Shooting of Florida Teenager Raises Disturbing Questions about Vigilante Justice

I have featured numerous articles on this blog about men and women who have taken justice into their own hands in order to save a child, prevent someone’s property from being destroyed, or simply as a refusal to stand by … Continue reading

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What Readers are Saying About the Crime Thriller DARK MIND

Writing crime fiction is a passion and I enjoy every aspect of creating a story – even research and rewrites.  It’s wonderful when readers take the time to comment or leave a review of Dark Mind.  It definitely doesn’t go … Continue reading

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Abducted Child Found After Eight Years

There is much truth to the idea that the first 24 hours are the most crucial in any kidnapping investigation.  These initial moments afford you the best chance on catching someone before they travel a great distance or before any … Continue reading

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