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Inspiration for Crime Thrillers Found in Beautiful Places

You would think that inspiration for writing crime thrillers would come from the blaring news headlines, horrific true crime accounts, and a wild imagination, but the storyline puzzle pieces can come from anywhere and at any time. Many times, it’s … Continue reading

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Child Abuse Shocks Every Time

It doesn’t seem to matter how many news stories you read or how much research into the mind of those who commit crimes you complete, any report of a child being abused is still shocking and leaves everyone shaking their … Continue reading

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Where Have the Children Gone?

My friend, journalist and awesome blog talk radio host of Cubanarama Missing N America and Cold Cases  Marta Sosa wrote this beautiful poem last year for a cold case show.  I wanted to share this with you.  Thank you Marta. … Continue reading

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Second Campaigner Challenge 2012 – More Flash Fiction Fun

I have found that when presented with a writing challenge it forces me to use different perspectives and to take a writers jump into unfamiliar territories.  I usually write in the crime and thriller genres, but I enjoy exploring other … Continue reading

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Girl Scouts Take on Crime!

Have you bought your Girl Scout cookies yet?  If you’ve been to any grocery store or shopping mall or perhaps just taken a walk through your neighborhood, you likely have seen tables overflowing with Thin Mints and Tagalongs and Samoas.  … Continue reading

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Unveiling the Mystery of Forensic Facial Reconstruction

After human skeletal remains are discovered, sometimes there is little to be done to determine the identity of the person.  Dental records are only reliable if there are any teeth left on the skeleton and if the medical examiner or … Continue reading

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What’s Happening?

It seems that it’s that time of year for writing and the time is flying by with a vengeance.  I’m working hard on my next Emily Stone Thriller!  I wanted to let you know a few things that are going … Continue reading

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