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Crime Solving Partnership for DNA Evidence

DNA is extremely complex, but we hear the word “DNA” almost on a daily basis in the news and on crime shows.  In 1986, DNA was first officially used to solve a crime of two young girls raped and murdered … Continue reading

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Some Fun Stops in the Book Blog World

I’ve been busy typing away on my newest book, Dark Mind.  It’s been a fun journey with some unexpected surprises along the way.  I will post more information about when and where the next Emily Stone novel will be out in … Continue reading

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Tennessee Woman Becomes Her Own Rescuer

In all three of my published novels, I have made an effort to feature women who show compelling strength and independence while overcoming traumatic circumstances.  These women decide not to be the victim and instead take their lives and the … Continue reading

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Putting all the Pieces Together to Write a Novel

I love puzzles – especially jigsaw puzzles.  I just finished this beautiful, 1000-piece puzzle of Yosemite (shown above) with the help of my husband.  I find it relaxing and fun, and it takes my mind off of the current novel I’m … Continue reading

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Crime Rates Were Down Again in 2010

If you turn on the evening news or one of the 24-hour cable networks like CNN or Fox News, you may think that murders and kidnappings are occurring every minute of the day in this country.  It can be argued … Continue reading

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What’s the Bug Deal?

One of the more interesting or perhaps creepy crawly facts about crime scene investigation is that forensic entomology is used more and more to help solve crimes.  This type of work within the crime scene condition is definitely not for … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Basic Instinct of 20 Questions

It’s time to lighten things up a bit and put all the thrills and chills of serial killers aside.  I’ve been busy working on a deadline for my third Emily Stone Novel, Dark Mind.  I thought it would be fun … Continue reading

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