Some Fun Stops in the Book Blog World

I’ve been busy typing away on my newest book, Dark Mind.  It’s been a fun journey with some unexpected surprises along the way.  I will post more information about when and where the next Emily Stone novel will be out in the upcoming weeks. 

During this crunch time, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to stop by some great book blogs over the past month.  I’m very blessed to have met some talented authors, avid readers, and just plain nice folks.

Please check out these blogs for informative book reviews, author interviews, and news about upcoming books in your favorite genres.

* * *

Kim the Bookworm is passionate about book reviews and just a lovely person to boot: Here’s a book review: Dead Game

Strong Scenes with Thriller Author Gary Ponzo is a fantastic blog to find out more about up and coming authors and independent ones: Here’s my interview

Author Elizabeth Sogard interviews indie authors with wonderful insights and candid conversations: Here’s my interview

Author Amy Tupper has a wonderfully inspiring blog worth checking out: Here’s my inspriation on my chosen settings for my books

Sci-Fi Author Gary Starta promotes other authors on his new writer’s blog and forum: Here’s my award winning highlight of Silent Partner

* * *

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your blogs!

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1 Response to Some Fun Stops in the Book Blog World

  1. I would like to believe that through life experience and stories like this I would be able to save myself… I am glad this story had a happy ending… (One question remains) Why did she get in that truck in the first place?
    I have a very young adult daughter and I have preached these stories to her… her whole life… in hopes of keeping her safe. It is wonderful to meet you…
    I look forward to reading more.
    Have a super afternoon.


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