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Jeffrey Dahmer’s High School Years Depicted in New Graphic Novel

Forensic psychologists are in the business of studying, among many other factors, the childhoods of our most notorious criminals.  How does someone’s past predict or play a role in the horrible pain they inflict upon others later in life?  Volumes … Continue reading

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Take a Bite out of Research!

Research doesn’t have to be like a rabid animal trying to take a bite out of your backside.  Make peace with it; in fact, make best friends with it. Research is Phase Two of my outlining stage.  I consider myself … Continue reading

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Hell’s Belle – The Matronly Face of a Brutal Serial Killer?

Interestingly, we have a difficult time wrapping our minds around the fact that there have been “female” serial killers throughout history.  Many times these fiendish femme fetales have had a different approach to offing their unsuspecting victims such as with … Continue reading

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Would Your Hometown Be a Good Host for a Thrilling Storyline?

More prominently than in any of my previous novels, the physical environment I depict in Dark Mind plays a pivotal role in the development of the story.  Set on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, the book offers the stark contrast … Continue reading

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First Campaigner Challenge 2012 – Flash Fiction “Mind’s Eye”

I am so excited! I’ve never participated in this type of writers’ campaign challenge before AND I’ve never written flash fiction. What a newbie I am!  Woohoo!  Bring it on! I’m participating in the 4th Writers’ Building Campaign with Rachael … Continue reading

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Dark Mind Excerpt – Cornered and Pushed to the Limit

Reader Note: This is an excerpt from chapter three of DARK MIND.  It is not a story spoiler.  Emily Stone must decide how she will get out of her dangerous situation deep in the jungle of Kauai. Two tattered wicker … Continue reading

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California Serial Killer Leads Authorities to Human Remains in Well

Major pieces of machinery recently finished upending layers of earth outside of Sacramento, California that may lead to closure for some families after twenty or more years.  Already convicted of four murders, Wesley Shermantine, known as one of two “Speed … Continue reading

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