Crime Rates Were Down Again in 2010

If you turn on the evening news or one of the 24-hour cable networks like CNN or Fox News, you may think that murders and kidnappings are occurring every minute of the day in this country.  It can be argued that television police dramas also feed into that notion, with some of the worst fears we have about our children’s safety or the intentions of our neighbors played out in the storyline.  The reality, though, may be quite different than our perception.

According to statistics released by the FBI this week, crime in the United States is declining and has been for four years.  It dropped six percent in 2010.  Property crime is also waning, with the number of reported incidents down 2.7% in the past year, making for an eighth consecutive year of lower numbers.  This data is encouraging, and it’s important to know why crime is down so that we can keep these numbers moving in the right direction.

Several experts offered their thoughts on the reasons behind the falling crime levels in an article recently published on MSNBC’s website.  One theory is that our population is aging and those over fifty are the least likely group to be involved in criminal activity.  Others mention the more effective policing procedures that have been implemented over the past two decades, particularly in terms of technology and targeted placement of officers in high-crime areas.  I recommend you check out the article to read more about the data and the theories behind it.

Are you encouraged by the latest statistics concerning crime in our country?  Or, do you think the data released by the FBI doesn’t tell the whole story or accurately reflect the current situation in your neighborhood?

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