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Writing a Novel is Like Training a German Shepherd

Five months ago, I rescued a year and half-old German shepherd named Odin and added him to my family. He is an amazing dog, high drive, sweet and intelligent, and he can be trained to do any type of service … Continue reading

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Can Being Barefoot Improve Your Writing?

You know that exhausted and tired feeling after a long day of standing on your feet?  You come home and immediately kick your shoes off and peel off your tired old socks.  Ahhh, now that’s relief.  You even feel a … Continue reading

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Choose Your Words Carefully

When you’re writing about a special moment in a novel, such as a harrowing escape or a tender love scene, do you write whatever moods strikes you or do you choose your words carefully?  In other words, do you wrangler … Continue reading

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Which Writing Tense Would You Choose?

Writing a novel in past or present tense makes some people crazy.  It seems when you stray from the standard mainstream way of novel writing, it causes an unsettling raucous among the people. Is there a wrong tense to write … Continue reading

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Fan or Stalker?

I’ve decided to lighten things up a bit from murders, serial killers, and the deepest recesses of the criminal mind to tell you about another disturbing tale a little closer to home. I’ve had a “real life” stalker before, in … Continue reading

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Putting all the Pieces Together to Write a Novel

I love puzzles – especially jigsaw puzzles.  I just finished this beautiful, 1000-piece puzzle of Yosemite (shown above) with the help of my husband.  I find it relaxing and fun, and it takes my mind off of the current novel I’m … Continue reading

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Magical Powers or Wishful Thinking?

I’ve never considered myself a true gardener, but rather more of a hit or miss hobbyist of the great outdoors.  I love to have plants blooming year round if at all possible, which can be possible here in California.  Basically, … Continue reading

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