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Choose Your Words Carefully

When you’re writing about a special moment in a novel, such as a harrowing escape or a tender love scene, do you write whatever moods strikes you or do you choose your words carefully?  In other words, do you wrangler … Continue reading

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Are You a Word Wrangler or a Sentence Slinger?

We have an amazing language with an abundance of words.  In fact, people who learn English as a second language often comment that was have so many words to learn and some have several meanings and spellings to certain ones.  … Continue reading

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What Does Catawampus Have to do with a Crime Thriller?

I’ve received many wonderful reviews for my latest crime thriller Dark Mind and a few comments about one of the scenes in the beginning of the book.  In Chapter Three, my heroine has a physical confrontation with a couple of … Continue reading

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How to Avoid the Mayhem of Redundant Words?

We all have a safety net of our own unique vocabulary.  These are the words that we’re comfortable with and they help to define our emotions, thoughts, and desires.  You could say that our comfortable word choices helps to define … Continue reading

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