Magical Powers or Wishful Thinking?

I’ve never considered myself a true gardener, but rather more of a hit or miss hobbyist of the great outdoors.  I love to have plants blooming year round if at all possible, which can be possible here in California. 

Basically, I like pretty flowers that have a nice fragrance.  It makes me think of Hawaii in the back resources of my creative mind.  Ahh, wouldn’t that be nice to be on a tropical island right now? 

There’s nothing better than to walk outside in your own garden and find something unexpected – a new flower bursting in pink or yellow, or a plant that decided to grow a foot overnight.

Take these flowers for example that are blooming right now in my garden…


Me, a master gardener extraordinaire – NOT!

I may or may not have a knack for growing flowers, but I find that I can usually hold my own.  But, growing a nice vegetable garden has NOT been so kind to me.  I think a curse has been cast upon my vegetable growing skills – maybe I’ve jumped on the bad side of the mighty Lord Voldemort or Harry Potter?

You see, I’ve been trying to grow some ordinary tomatoes, nothing fancy, for the last three years and they ALL have turned out like the photo at the top of the article.  Yikes!  It looks like something left over from the Zombie Apocalypse and even the zombies could probably grow a better plant!

I’ve heard all the plausible excuses and helpful tips from soil problems and try a different supplier to grow your plants from seed.  Oh yes, I’ve heard them all, but nothing has helped.  I’m doomed.

I sigh… as I look at the one sad little tomato that is trying so desperately to survive.

I look at gardening like writing fiction.  I think that there’s always something that you can grow well, just not all things.  For example, I can write thrillers and suspense stories like my Emily Stone Series, but I think I would fall short, actually way short, if I decided to write science fiction or historical romance.  Just the same with some other writers who cringe at the thought of writing about serial killers and police procedurals.

When you write a novel, you plot, plan, research, write, edit, and usually cry, scream, bleed, and edit again.  Well, if you want your garden to grow, you need to do your research on growing time and areas, plot your dirt, water, fertilize, and hope for the best. 

As with both writing a novel and growing a garden, you step back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  And just maybe… your well-tended dream will continue to grow.       

* * *

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