Girl Scouts Take on Crime!

Have you bought your Girl Scout cookies yet?  If you’ve been to any grocery store or shopping mall or perhaps just taken a walk through your neighborhood, you likely have seen tables overflowing with Thin Mints and Tagalongs and Samoas.  It’s difficult to resist those girls and their cheerful sales pitches.  Perhaps you are able to walk by with a quick “no thank you” and the girls might be sad by the lack of a sale for a moment, but that can’t compare with the way a couple of Girl Scouts were treated in Texas this past weekend.

Girl Scout veterans Iravia Cotton and Rachel Johnson were selling their goods outside a Walmart in the Houston area on Saturday when a young man walked up to the booth and inquired about the cost of a box of cookies.  However, it seems his intentions were never to purchase.  He instead grabbed the money box and took off in his friend’s getaway car with the girls’ hard-earned cash.

Cotton and Johnson weren’t content to let this thief get away with what rightfully belonged to the Girl Scouts.  They chased after the two guys, with Iravia managing to get in a few swipes on the passenger and Rachel getting dragged by the car for a bit.  Luckily, both girls are fine.  They did not succeed in their attempts to stop the criminals, however, as the men are still on the loose after stealing around $200.

In my novels, protagonist Emily Stone is a grown woman who has dedicated her life to taking the law into her own hands.  While her skills bring many horrible criminals to justice, I can’t say I recommend that her tactics be replicated by young teenagers.  I do applaud their desire to fight for what is right, though, and not simply allow a bad thing to happen to them as they played silent victims.

What do you think of the Girl Scouts who fought back?

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5 Responses to Girl Scouts Take on Crime!

  1. Caleb Pirtle says:

    I now have a new set of heroes. These Nancy Drews may grow up to be Miss Marples. I like their moxie.


  2. Always use your brains before your brawn, unless protecting yourself or your friends – GET THE LICENSE PLATE NUMBER, GIRLS! Love your spirit and courage, too!


  3. I taught my children to fight back when they see injustice but to not take on more than they can chew..and personally at their age I might have done the same..unfortunatly, where do we draw the line..


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