Chicago Sheriff Wants to Dig for More Gacy Victims

The stories of most serial killers continue to evolve long after they are put to death through our justice system or manage to live the duration of their existence undetected by authorities.  The anguish of the families continue, the questions as to how someone could commit such heinous acts are sometimes impossible to answer, and the possibility that more undiscovered victims could be out there . . . somewhere . . . lingers in the minds of those who investigated the crimes.

In the case of convicted and executed murdered John Wayne Gacy, who was given a lethal injection by the state of Illinois in 1994 for the murder of thirty-three young men and boys in the 1970s, one detective thinks that more bodies could still be found.  Sheriff Tom Dart wants permission to take another look at a backyard in Chicago where Gacy was once spotted with a shovel at 3:00am, but his request has been denied by Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez.

The yard was excavated once already, back in 1998, and nothing of significance was found.  However, Dart contends that only two possible spots were selected for the digging and radar had noted around a dozen unusual points under the surface.    For now, it appears that Sheriff Dart will need to come up with a more compelling reason to disturb that ground once again.

If there is some evidence to back up the claim that bodies may be buried in that yard in Chicago, I hope that authorities are given the opportunity to complete a more thorough search.  Even thirty or forty years after the fact, this may afford just one family the chance to allow a son, a brother, or a friend finally to rest in peace.

Do you think authorities should keep searching and digging for other victims?

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6 Responses to Chicago Sheriff Wants to Dig for More Gacy Victims

  1. CrimeDime says:

    That’s a tough one, because on one hand it’s very important to give families closure… on the other hand, digging without a reason just reopens old wounds and is potentially very disruptive and to the property owner. Worth it if they find something, but damaging if nothing is found.


  2. I agree that families deserve closer, and if there are lessons to be learned from further investigation, I’m all for it. Perhaps they should consult the families first…


  3. Andrew says:

    I think they should use ground penetrating radar to look for new evidence. After all, that technology has probably improved since 1998. Then if something comes up they should dig. Also..someone owns that property? Do they actually live in the house? I’d be too creeped out to buy a house where a serial killer operated 0_o


  4. Caleb Pirtle says:

    I think the digging and searching should continue until families at last have a measure of peace. No one can ever understand what a monster such as Gacy did or why he did it, but not knowing what happened is just as bad. Every void possible should be filled.


  5. rosereads says:

    I have to agree that the search should continue for the peace of everyone involved. If I was the property owner, I would really want all of those bodies out of my backyard even if the police had to double and triple check.


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