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Would You Leave Your Child to Play at a Park?

When you were a kid, how often did you hop on your bike and race down to the nearest playground with a group of your buddies from up and down the street?  How much of your play time was spent … Continue reading

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Abducted Child Found After Eight Years

There is much truth to the idea that the first 24 hours are the most crucial in any kidnapping investigation.  These initial moments afford you the best chance on catching someone before they travel a great distance or before any … Continue reading

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Brave Georgia Girl Fights Off Would-Be Abductor

My latest novel, Dark Mind, opens with the depiction of a girl who has been abducted and taken far from home as part of an international child sex trade operation.  As scary as that fictional account may be, real stories … Continue reading

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New Mexico Offers Compelling Story of One Man Who Decided to Get Involved

If you saw a young girl get kidnapped right before your very eyes, would you have the mental focus and the courage to get involved?  Or, would there be that moment of shock and absolute terror followed by a feeling … Continue reading

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