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Would You Leave Your Child to Play at a Park?

When you were a kid, how often did you hop on your bike and race down to the nearest playground with a group of your buddies from up and down the street?  How much of your play time was spent … Continue reading

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A Kid’s Home Should Be a Safe Place

Our children learn at home and at school about how to keep their guards up around strangers and that if they have been harmed, or they think someone wants to do them harm, they are to tell a trusted adult.  … Continue reading

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The Strength and Perseverance of Cyber Vigilantes

Protecting our children from the potential evils online is a full time job for even an army of individuals.  Technology has once again passed up our capability and manpower at the moment to stop cyber crimes, specifically sexual predators.  What … Continue reading

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FBI Launches New Phone App to Help Find Missing Kids

Are you the type of person who always has the latest apps downloaded to your smart phone?  Or, do you consider yourself someone who doesn’t see the excitement in using your cell phone to do anything besides make a call?  … Continue reading

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