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Evolving Societal Threats: 5 Crimes of the Future #crime #justice

Technology is a wonderful tool that has changed the fabric of our lives. But, on the flip side, our dependency on technology can have frightening consequences. And that leads us to the scary phenomenon that is occurring across the globe … Continue reading

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The Strength and Perseverance of Cyber Vigilantes

Protecting our children from the potential evils online is a full time job for even an army of individuals.  Technology has once again passed up our capability and manpower at the moment to stop cyber crimes, specifically sexual predators.  What … Continue reading

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Law Enforcement Needs More Training on Threats in Cyberspace

As the world reacts to the death of Osama bin Laden in what is being rightly characterized as both a military and intelligence victory, we are just beginning to learn about the special operations, undercover work, and interrogations that took … Continue reading

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