The Strength and Perseverance of Cyber Vigilantes

Protecting our children from the potential evils online is a full time job for even an army of individuals.  Technology has once again passed up our capability and manpower at the moment to stop cyber crimes, specifically sexual predators. 

What happens when a pedophile turns into an Internet predator?

A pedophile, an adult who is attracted to children, has been described as not dangerous until he/she crosses over from sexual fantasy to risk oriented behavior, which then they can enter into the predatory stage.  This crossover happens more often that most realize and with dire consequences.  These predators then act upon their sexual fantasies through an elevated and gradual process, which ultimately leads to molestation and/or abduction, which can lead to homicide.   

There is irrefutable evidence of the numerous pedophiles out there that become sexual predators.  With the ease and availability of the Internet, children are becoming victims by crafty sexual predators engaging them into online conversations. 

There is a website called: that has been created and maintained by a group of “cyber vigilante” volunteers, who use their undercover skills to purposely lure these predators into online conversations.  They are a part of a non-profit foundation.  I absolutely commend them for their efforts.

According to this site, they had this to say, “We believe that regional chat room and social networking sites are the most ready and easy way for an individual to try to “hook up with” underage females.  Many parents don’t understand the harms and dangers their child faces by going into those rooms”.

When asked how many predators they find in a day, they had these recorded statistics in my state of California.  Each day varies of course, but this gives you an idea of their great work.

Riverside, California: 51 predators in three days.

Laguna Beach, California: 13 predators in 11 hours.

Petaluma, California: 29 predators in three days.

Long Beach, California: 38 predators in three days.

In my Emily Stone Series, these types of stories have inspired her covert efforts to protect and rescue children.  The next installment of her thrilling series, DARK MIND, will be released this month. 

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