Body Parts Found Near Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood sign high atop a hill in California has stood as a symbol of glamour and celebrity for generations.  There aren’t too many people who do not recognize those large white letters and think of being a movie star, even if the reality of the town is far from the glitzy appeal of the celebrity spotlight.  This week, the iconic sign played host to a scene that would be quite disturbing to the average star struck tourists who come to take great pictures.

A severed head was found in a Hollywood Hills park on Tuesday by two people who were out walking several dogs along a dirt trail.  The next day, two hands and two feet, all believed to belong to the same man whose head was discovered, were found scattered near the Hollywood sign.

Authorities believe that the body was dumped somewhere in the area and that wild animals may have then dragged the severed parts to different areas of the park.  While the identity of the man is still unknown, police are saying that he is a man between the ages of 40 and 60 and perhaps of Armenian descent.   As the body was not in an advanced state of decomposition, it is thought that the death of this man occurred only a couple days ago.

This is the kind of scene that you may expect to read as an opening to a new crime novel, with an unsuspecting jogger happening upon a grisly discovery and then two worn out police officers who claim to have seen it all musing over their hypotheses on the likely killer.  But, this isn’t fiction.  It a real and gruesome story that has left a neighborhood with plenty of questions and probably a bit more fear when they go to bed at night.

Let’s hope that this man is soon identified and the criminal who murdered him is brought to justice, perhaps answering some questions about the nature of this bizarre attack.

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2 Responses to Body Parts Found Near Hollywood Sign

  1. This is beyond disturbing and just days after LAPD apprehended the homeless killer. It brings to my mind Elizabeth Short’s murder. Here’s to hoping they catch whoever did this and soon.


  2. Reality outdoes fiction! As is often the case, alas…Thanks for the post and the brilliant description of a horrendous situation.


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