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DNA Forensic Files: 1970s Murder Cases Solved in 2019 #ColdCases #DNA

Over the past several years, the use of DNA and genetic genealogy to solve decades-old murder cases has grown dramatically. Combining cutting-edge technology with increased access to innumerable genetic databases, investigators are able to arrest killers who have roamed free … Continue reading

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You Ask: So What’s the Real Story Behind DEAD COLD?

I receive this question quite a bit about what my inspiration was for creating vigilante detective Emily Stone and the rest of the crime thriller series. Well let me tell you… What you are about to read is true, at … Continue reading

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The Psychology Behind Loving a Killer

As regular readers of my novels or this blog (or likely just anyone with whom I strike up a conversation) will know, I have a longstanding fascination with the criminal mind. What makes a serial killer commit the heinous acts … Continue reading

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How Many Characters Do You Kill in a Thriller Novel?

I’ve had this question posed to me recently and I actually had to stop and really think about it.  How many characters are too many to kill off in a thriller novel?  Is there a minimum number of murders to a … Continue reading

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From the Archives of Serial Killers… It Began with Plumbing Problems

Between 1978 and 1983, Dennis Andrew Nilson (A.K.A. Muswell Hill Murderer or Kindly Killer) murdered at least 15 men and boys in London.  Most of his victims were homeless men, students, or bar patrons.  He was considered to be the … Continue reading

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