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New Mexico Offers Compelling Story of One Man Who Decided to Get Involved

If you saw a young girl get kidnapped right before your very eyes, would you have the mental focus and the courage to get involved?  Or, would there be that moment of shock and absolute terror followed by a feeling … Continue reading

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How Much Research is Essential for a Crime Thriller?

I love to conduct research.  This can be a thorn in a writer’s side, but I really enjoy this part of the creative process.  Just think about it… you learn something new every time you research.  You can actually learn a … Continue reading

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Meet a Real Pet Detective!

In my most recent novel, Silent Partner, one aspect of the story revolves around the relationship that exists between a deputy and his canine partner.  There is no doubt that dogs play an essential role in many crime investigations, from … Continue reading

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The Missing Link in Psychopaths

We know that psychopaths lack remorse, empathy, ethics, and a conscience.  They lie with absolute clarity for whatever appeases them and their lifestyle. They are almost like an unscrupulous chameleon showing their mask of normalcy for most of the world … Continue reading

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Photography Sunday — Inspirations

One of the most common questions that writers get asked is where do we get our inspiration.  For me, I find writing inspiration from everything around me and not just the obvious. My last trip to Kauai (photo above) was so inspirational … Continue reading

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The Real Story Behind the Novel…

It’s interesting how we can see things more clearly when we look back at events, how it shapes the present and even the future.  Here’s the real story behind my recent thriller novel Silent Partner.  Sometime during 2002, I had … Continue reading

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FBI Launches New Phone App to Help Find Missing Kids

Are you the type of person who always has the latest apps downloaded to your smart phone?  Or, do you consider yourself someone who doesn’t see the excitement in using your cell phone to do anything besides make a call?  … Continue reading

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