Photography Sunday — Inspirations

One of the most common questions that writers get asked is where do we get our inspiration.  For me, I find writing inspiration from everything around me and not just the obvious.

My last trip to Kauai (photo above) was so inspirational that my newest novel I’m working on right now (Dark Mind) is set on the island. 

Sometimes it’s the most innocent and simple thing that makes for writing inspiration. 

Driving by an agricultural field at sunset…

A lone bird on the beach…

A quiet bridge… who has walked across, how many times, and what were they thinking?

Everything inspires and stokes the creative mind.  They are small pieces to a much bigger puzzle. 

Hope your weekend is inspiring!

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3 Responses to Photography Sunday — Inspirations

  1. taureanw says:

    Great post!
    The bridge picture has definitely sparked my creativity!


  2. The Kauai photo is the best, Jennifer. It just looks so inspirational and not to mention breathtaking. I love the bird. It’s like he’s looking out saying, “Ah, maybe some other time.” 🙂


  3. Those pictures are beautiful. Very inspiring stuff.


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