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I’ve Stared Into the Heart of a Psychopath

As with my fictional heroine Emily Stone, I have stared into the heart of psychopath.  The first book in the award-winning Emily Stone Series is loosely based on some of my experiences with a violent sociopath that lived next door.  … Continue reading

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Would You Trust a Psychopath?

I came across an interesting article explaining that psychopaths may come in two varieties: psychopaths who are incarcerated for criminal acts and psychopaths who may never be incarcerated or caught for their criminal activities. I thought this was an interesting … Continue reading

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Writing in the Moment…

I recently discovered a new term “mindfulness” in my everyday life.  It basically means what it implies.  On one level it means paying attention to details of what’s going on around you at any given time, but on a much … Continue reading

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Outlining Characters and Summary For a New Novel Project

As a writer, author, and criminologist, I find that I wear a variety of hats throughout my working day.  Writing, editing, promotion, researcher, and expert are just to name a few.  One of my favorite hats is when I’m beginning … Continue reading

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