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DNA Profiling Solves the Murder: 5 Cold Cases Resolved in 2016

Photo courtesy of tuuv.tk. The accuracy of DNA profiling is developing at a rapid pace. And, as a result, the landscape of modern law enforcement is evolving. The accurate results of criminal DNA analysis not only assist in putting criminals … Continue reading

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California Football Star Cleared of Rape Conviction after Nearly a Decade

While members of law enforcement seem to have more technology at their disposal to help them track down the bad guys and make sure they have the right one in custody, the process of justice is still controlled by humans, … Continue reading

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How Can We Prevent Wrongful Convictions?

Crime and justice is the standard that establishes our civilized society.  Justice should be swift and efficient.  In other words, the punishment should fit the crime.  There are so many heated discussions about crime, punishment, and the death penalty.  It’s … Continue reading

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