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How Reliable are Those Sniff Alerts?

It is no secret that I have a great love for dogs.  I think they are animals with amazing insight and compassion.  I have had the pleasure of observing first-hand the important role that dogs play in law enforcement and … Continue reading

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Key Evidence Can Make or Break a Case

Fingerprint evidence is absolutely key in a crime scene investigation.  The science of fingerprint identification is also referred to as dactylography.  It’s the most fragile piece of evidence.  Environmental conditions and improper handling can contaminate it easily.  After collecting the … Continue reading

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Out & About Magazine — September 2011

It’s that time again! Out & About Magazine is available and full of great things to do in the valley and around the Monterey Bay area in California.  You don’t have to live here to enjoy great articles, recipes, theater, … Continue reading

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