Psychic Makes False Claims of Mass Gravesite in Texas

Frenzied news reports that were coming out of Texas earlier this week led many of us to believe that a serial killer’s victims had been discovered in the Lone Star State.  A woman, who later identified herself as a psychic who goes by the name of Angel, called the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office to report that there was a mass grave of dismembered children on a property in Hardin, Texas.  After an investigation of the area and the attention of media outlets around the world, it was determined that there was no merit to the woman’s claims.  There was a foul smell due to a malfunctioning meat freezer and blood on the porch due to an injury that occurred several weeks ago . . . but thankfully no dead bodies.

Angel now fears that her identity will be revealed and that her family will be in physical danger.  She insists that her intentions were good and that she is certain there are hungry and thirsty children gathered somewhere in dire need of help from the authorities.  In fact, Angel says that she never indicated that she knew of any deceased children.  She is upset that she is now being criticized for offering a tip to the police and believes the bad publicity she is receiving will deter others from coming forward.

The police are obligated to follow up on any information they receive, so they were acting with due diligence in checking out the property.  And, there have been instances in which psychics and others with special abilities have offered their services to law enforcement with great success

But, how you can discern if the tip is legitimate or coming from someone who may not be thinking clearly?  Is Angel obligated to justify the basis for her information, as it appears to be entirely false and the cause of unnecessary alarm?

What do you think?

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