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Trapped by a Serial Killer in DEAD BURN Sneak Peek

He made his way around to the back of the building carefully examining each step.  A metal door caught his eye, which led directly to the alley and it appeared strangely out of place.  The doorknob glistened bright silver, sparkling … Continue reading

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Police Follow Snow Tracks to Nab Robbers

Statistics regarding crime consistently bear out the fact that illegal activity is higher during the warmer months of the year.  It could be that the hot temperatures have everyone irritated and on edge, so violence is more likely.  Some blame … Continue reading

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Serial Killer was Addicted to Pleasure of Hunting and Killing

When a young man sits in a police interrogation and admits to killing multiple people, one of the questions naturally raised from such a confession is – Why?  The search for this answer is what drives criminal psychologists to further … Continue reading

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Psychic Makes False Claims of Mass Gravesite in Texas

Frenzied news reports that were coming out of Texas earlier this week led many of us to believe that a serial killer’s victims had been discovered in the Lone Star State.  A woman, who later identified herself as a psychic … Continue reading

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